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Posted: 25th November 2016 by wgreenblog in What Happened., What's Ahead
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Bears Losing Season.Is It Over?

Click for a Heaven’s Gate Video of Papa Bear Getting the News about the 2016 Season.

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I thought this would just be another Hillary cinematic slam. However, it is a scathing historical review of the Democratic Party. Presented from the viewpoint of the director/writer D’Souza (a man who previously tangled with the Democratic political octopus and lost), the style of the movie is similar to History Channel dramatic recreations. Negative Hillary information is only about fifteen per cent of the movie. The bulk is about the Democratic Party’s support of slavery, segregation, lynchings and the killing of Native Americans; and its political method to permanently capture the vote of big city immigrants and African-American voters. Certainly this is not material previously covered in typical high school or college textbooks. He singles out Democratic presidents Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, and Lyndon Johnson as racists. He exposes the connection between Margaret Sanger/Planned Parenthood and the eugenics movement which is/was popular both in the USA and Nazi Germany. And late in the movie, he explores the strange person who is Hillary Clinton. D’Souza says she is the brains of the Bill/Hillary Crime-Creating duo with Bill as the political front man and Hillary in the background pulling the strings. He notes Hillary’s and Obama’s connections to the Chicago “activist” Saul Alinsky (who studied tactics on the inside of mobster Frank Nitti’s organization), and her lifetime campaign and conspiratorial plan to control the USA by bringing activist moles into the national government.

Those who are in favor the “progressive” agenda will most likely find all of his “revelations” preposterous. Those who do not favor that agenda will find the movie disturbing and shocking. But after the upcoming 2016 Election, this movie may only be a quaint reminder of a time in America when most citizens were ignorant of the reality of their corrupt political system and its corrupt, and often vile, politicians.

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Thinking Straight in a Crooked World

Posted: 24th June 2016 by wgreenblog in What's Ahead
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The amazing thing about most people…you, your family, your friends, your neighbors and other acquaintances…is that generally they’re all honest. Sure they might commit an occasional crime, like stealing a pencil at work, or fudging some mileage numbers, but on the whole, they toe the line. They’re the voting electorate. Contrast them with those whom we elect to public office. With few exceptions, these folks are corrupt. Where I live, in Illinois, the political system operates like the Mafia. “Gov Big Mouth is doing 14 years in the big house, but he’s a tough guy. He won’t squeal on his us”.  So say his political friends. Our Federal prisons have become the home away from home for crooked politicians—Rob, Dennis, George, the Dans, Otto, Jesse Junior and hundreds of others.

Upcoming is the political battle for the office of President between Hillary and Donald. She is under investigation by the Federal government, her former-president husband was disbarred and impeached, and their livelihood appears to be filled with bribery, high-stakes con-games, and possibly even murder. “The Donald” hasn’t yet been labeled as a crook, only a bankrupt, but he has thrived in the cut-throat world of heavyweight real estate. Bribes and corruption are no strangers to this venue. Trump may or may not be dirty and by November we may know. His shrill opponent will bring out every closeted skeleton she can find to swing votes her way, and the bombastic Trump will no doubt spend most his campaign funds excavating the bones of Mrs. Clinton’s past.

On the other hand, if history is a guide, our mass media will take sides, but do no vetting. President Obama remains a mystery man. The media has done nothing to expose his past. It has only focused on Obama’s canned autobiographies. You can forget people in the media. They are more dishonest than the politicians. The news business is owned by corporate America and its only purpose is to sell approved products, people and ideas. We the people believe their big lies: war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.

So where does this leave “honest, hard-working Americans”? As always, we are sheep guided by the dogs of politics, and enticed by the whores of media manipulation. Today, we are flocking together to promote one or the other of the presidential candidates. We are discussing the merits or demerits of Obamacare. We are frothing about gun-control and illegal immigrants. We hate Muslims; we love Muslims. We are up in arms about public toilet room users…and as always, we are obsessed with Kim Kardashian’s ass. But we don’t seem overly concerned about the state of the economy, the worthlessness of the dollar, or the corruption of our leaders. While the average American struggles to stay afloat, the politicians live in luxury enjoying all-expenses paid, full retirement, lobbyist-funded multi-year sea cruises on the U.S.S. America.

Soon, the sheep will awake. It is time for the Great Reset.  All our money and possessions will have been stolen. We will lament: “We were fools. They were all crooks. It doesn’t pay to be honest.” But if so, we will have misread our new painful perspective. We may even become criminals like our leaders. This would be wrong. To quote Stan Laurel: “Honesty is the best policy.”  The average honest person sleeps soundly knowing this personal truth. The crooked politicians, the lying media people, and the corrupt corporate moguls have also slept well—tranquilized by the absence of a conscience, sleeping in comfort on their mattresses stuffed with hundred dollar bills. But their sins and avarice may soon overwhelm them. We can hope.

Notwithstanding all of the above, the American sheep can take some sad consolation knowing their sovereign pasture, although littered with lies and covered in corruption, remains the best barnyard in the world.  It’s just time for “we the sheeple” to rid ourselves of the nasty farmer, his banker, his toothless wife and all the belligerent, barking dogs. Baa…baa…baa.

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