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The Japanese have their Pachinko machines and the USA has its APPS. Pachinko machines are similar to slot machines except they don’t pay off in money. The winners get steel balls that sometimes they can exchange for trinkets. In America, people play various APPs on their handhelds which pay off in electronic rewards allowing the user to keep playing the game. Whether Japanese Pachinko balls or American APP rewards, the activity is useless and additive. Playing the games permits the users to feel a sense of accomplishment and adventure while they blow off a few hours of their lives.

These are substitutes for meaningful work. They are more acceptable than simply listening to music and getting high on recreational drugs or alcohol, and appear somehow different and possibly more fashionable than watching inane television reality shows, repetitive sports events, formula-plot sex/violence movies, and fictional news stories. Drugs, alcohol, television, and APPS can be additive. Public discontent and debate about war/peace, red/blue, right-to-life/right-to-choose, dealing with terrorist threats/stamping on the Constitution, guns/no guns, legals/illegals, and conspiracy/no conspiracy capture the bleeding hearts and failing minds of the people.

This churning lifestyle is present and prevalent in the USA today, and these mind-numbing activities will continue to enslave the population in the future. Everyday more American jobs are shipped overseas or automated out of existence. What are people to do? Eventually, they will accept the rewards of the Government APP called “entitlements”. Real work is hard to find and the ever-growing dropout society is a dangerous and restless trend.

Politicians know they have nothing to offer but more of the same. They will provide their citizen-addicts their time-wasting “dope”, as did the Roman emperors with their bread and circuses: more wars, more violence, more sex, more junk food, legalized marijuana, and false-flag boogeymen of all shapes and sizes.

So grab your balls and play the game. Join the Japanese in a game of Pachinko. Apparently there is nothing more meaningful on our national agenda.


Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt

To save the USA, Emma and Ethan Callan-Wright, decide that a little known historical figure, Franklin Roosevelt, should be historically resuscitated, or as they put it…”X-oomed”. The Twins, twenty-one-year-old Emma and Ethan, and their friends are citizens of the 2032 American police state. They lead a comfortable, but extremely controlled life in a sleepy East Coast college town called Mystic Heights. Other than their excursions using the Time Travelle (a time machine invented by Dr. Currant), they have never ventured outside of their local environment. Their entire source of news and information is that provided by the National Television Network and the rumor-mill of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Trained by their criminologist father, they speak softly and keep their opinions close.

At age seventeen, they time-traveled to the year 1963 to save the life of JFK. They got a taste of the spirit of the former “Free” USA. Their trip confirmed their conclusion that there was more to life than obeying the dictates of MOM, as the national government is derisively called. They want to kick the butt of history and open new possibilities for everyone living in America 2032.

Franklin Roosevelt is their ticket to freedom—get him elected and maybe the future will improve.

It’s a simple idea. If it works…if they are successful…they hope for a sea change in the political landscape of the country. They hope the fat cats can be tamed by the powerful personality of FDR. They hope the people of the 1930s will sense and seize their opportunity. They hope that Roosevelt will stand up for the other 99%. This may be naive dreaming, but such dreams are common in climates of social repression. Unlike everyone else in 2032 America, the Time Travel Twins have the ability to turn their wild dreams into reality. But their work is dangerous, difficult and most of all experimental. Manipulating time and events is an art to be discovered through the process of trial, error and success. The challenges of reviving FDR and keeping him alive through 1932, 1933 and 1934 will tax the skills and strengths of Ethan, Emma, their friend Zak and the outrageous and mysterious Dr. Currant.

W. Green Author of X-ooming FDR 1932

Jingoistic Jabber

Jingoistic Jabber

W. Green Author of SAVING JFK

Dealy 1


Who? Why? How?

History is a structured lie written to confuse and conceal. History does not acknowledge UFOs, ancient giants, the JFK/MLK/RFK conspiracies, the 911 and OK City false flags, the Paperclip Nazis, nor hidden, ancient and suppressed technology. History promotes control of the masses in school, at work, and at home. History glorifies warfare. History ignores the supreme power of bankers, corporations, and government bureaucracies. History is a living lie nurtured by politicians, media reporters, teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, soldiers and theologians. All these wittingly or not, work for “the Controllers”. We are their pale, pink-eyed sheep. We believe the stories told and we huddle together to affirm them. Baa baa baa.

W. Green Author of SAVING JFK

Man After Watching Saving Mr. Banks


What a joy it was to watch John Candy and Joe Flaherty as farm boys Billy Sol Hurok and Big Jim McBob when they took care Australian singer Helen Reddy each week on the old Second City TV series. They would let her sing a few bars of “I Am Woman” and then playfully get rid of her with a well-located demolition charge. Afterward, they would joyfully exclaim, “She blowed up real good!”…and she did.

A few minutes into the film, after watching Emma Thompson in her role as P.L. Travers, the Australian writer of Mary Poppins books,  I prayed for the SCTV duo to rise from the dead and blow her up…real good. But alas she steadfastly and annoyingly continued for the entire SAVING MR. BANKS movie, and sadly no one could save this cinematic tribute to her nastiness and Walt Disney’s wonderfulness.

SAVING MR. BANKS was produced by the Disney studio and may be intended as a vehicle to rework their leader’s biography replacing the real Walt with a person who had all the qualities of a saint…incredible patience, compassion, dedication and love for both the Mary Poppins character and its creator.

Well, he would have had to have been a saint to react to the Emma Thompson character as soothingly as Tom Hanks’ Walt does throughout the film. She is so nasty the Walt Disney character instantly appears incredibly kind and lovable…like a Bambi or Thumper. As usual Tom Hanks, this time wearing a mustache, plays himself convincingly, but even so, we are well aware he represents Uncle Walt…Saint Walt…the deliverer of Mickey Mouse and redeemer of the Mary Poppins movie.

Mrs. Travers is a giant pain. Walt is a cartoon fabrication. And the movie stinks. O, Billy Sol and Big Jim please rise up and save us all from this schmaltzy, half-baked, manipulative, contorted view of Disney’s world and that of P.L. Travers, a woman who apparently was universally disliked with good reason. Blow ‘em up real good, boys!

 W. Green Author of SAVING JFK