Piglets and Propaganda

Farm 2a

In the Great Depression of the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt recognized that farmers were going broke because the cost to produce their farm products exceeded the prices paid by the consumer. One of his solutions enacted was to reduce the supply of farm product, and the intended result would be higher farm prices.

In September 1933 six million piglets were killed on orders of the government of the United States. Some of the meat was fed to hungry poor people. Some of it became fertilizer. According to Henry A. Wallace, then Secretary of Agriculture, this pig killing program successfully raised the price of pork helping the pig farmers and everyone in America by providing a balanced supply of pork to the market. He called it “Agricultural Adjustment.”

FDR’s New Deal programs were established to give the government more control over markets. Killing piglets was a market control device followed by many other government programs, some successful, others not.

In periods of a paradigm shift, like the Great Depression, people and their governments do strange things. We are in such a period of paradigm shift now, and as a result, strangeness abounds. In the 1930s Franklin Roosevelt was in charge. He was praised and attacked for his activities. Today, Donald Trump is the President of the United States. His efforts to deal with the unknown are subject to the same kind of attacks as those experienced by FDR, but unlike FDR he is unable to manipulate and cajole the news media. Today, instead of hearing the squeal of slaughtered piglets, we are witnessing the anguished cries of propagandist news critics skewered by Donald Trump. Strange change marches on.

The Time Travel Twins have time-traveled to the 1930s to save Franklin Roosevelt.

History is a Rearview Mirror

Lonely 1

History is a rearview mirror which should bear the inscription “Caution: The world may appear different than it is.” In fact, history is just another propaganda tool of the Controllers. The history of the world is a distilled, fabricated, massaged and distorted presentation of facts, lies, and opinions. It may take the form of a high school or college text,  a television series, or of a written, spoken or video news analysis. The official history is sold every minute of every day to the sleepy-eyed, over-worked populace.

“Black and white” presentations of the “facts” surrounding wars, assassinations, economic depressions, plagues, natural disasters, governments, religions, leaders, and losers tell simple stories. The bad guys are identified and hung out to dry; the good guys canonized. An event happened, a reaction followed, etc.

But you might want to test the development of the official history.  Try this little exercise. Take stock of the last decade or two. Remember the historical events as they happened. Double check and supplement your memory with newspapers, videos, and other immediate contemporary accounts of events as they happened. Skip the news analysis articles that fill news magazines like Time. These articles are the first stage of the history packaging process. Imagine sheep herded into pens by dogs. That is their purpose. The Controllers want to lead you down the official path of “truth.”

You might also want to follow the propaganda process from news bulletins to headlines, to articles, to weekly summations, to annual reviews, to cinematic dramatizations, to Ken Burns-type television presentations, to fiction and non-fictional books by well-known authors and finally to the very boring and dogmatic writings presented in official history texts.

Pick a historical event which seems important to you, one that should appear in a history book, like 911, the Iraq invasion, or the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Then grab a history text used to teach high school students today.

Make an analysis of the summation and causation of events that happened in your lifetime. See if you agree with history’s version. Can you see the filtering, editorializing, and the congealing of facts to fit the official story? My time travel books are all written from this viewpoint. This little exercise may make you doubt the historical fairy tales describing all those other historical events which happened before you were born.

Predicting the Future


In March 1934 Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, race car driver, future president of Eastern Airlines, World War I flying ace and Medal of Honor recipient, wrote an article for Foreign Service magazine entitled “War or Peace”. The image above is from that article. The caption reads: “vultures of destruction…controlled by robots…operated by radio and television.” The cartoon predicts and depicts today’s military drone operations. Rickenbacker’s pre-World War II anti-war article, written by a man who had experienced modern war first-hand, is deadly accurate.

“The next war…will be a world war. But it will be unlike any other war that we know of. There will be no noncombatants. The battle front, roughly, will be the face of the earth. The roof of one’s own house, one’s own back yard, each will be part of the battle front. The combatants will be all living things.”

In some detail, he describes the horrors of the coming war. “These vultures of destruction, many—probably most of them—controlled by robots, will fly far behind the lines of advancing men, there to drop bombs weighing tons, the explosion of which will shake the average city as would an earthquake, causing buildings far from the scene of the explosion to tremble, crack, then crumble to the ground, crushing human souls to death, burying thousands there alive.”

But, after accurately predicting all the horrors of the next war, especially today’s euphemistically called “collateral damage”, he goes on to say that he does not believe there will be another war stating that “in the future if there is a war, no one can win but death.”

Capt. Rickenbacker was a great prognosticator of the future of military technology but a poor judge of the sensibility of humanity and the strange affection our political leaders have for creating unending war.

History is a Fallen Tree


History is the foundation of our understanding of reality. It creates a context for all current and future events. Reality feels comfortable when today’s activities dovetail tightly into our belief in the veracity and continuity of past events. Thus, new events appear to grow like leaves on the branches of the current paradigm. But this is a deception. History is just a diseased collection of stories, opinions, and lies—all subject to distorted shaping by those who are empowered to write history books.  The tree of history is an unreliable, defective and unstable organism.

History is an aging tree which weakens as it gets larger, older, and more vulnerable. It grew from sturdy facts. Something happened which could be verified—a ship went down, a military base was attacked, a political figure died. People saw something happen and it appeared real. The viewers may even have created a hard-copy of the event. But the tree of history is an unnatural assemblage of carefully connected lies, coloration, distortions, delays and half-truths presented by the leaders of society.

The tree’s trunk is rooted in the gravity of the situations. People have a need to believe in its sturdiness. At one time, people believed the power of a king was absolute. The integrity of political leaders was unquestionable. The decisions of religious leaders were infallible. The events presented by the mainstream media were unassailable. But time has weakened these certainties, and the history tree is now unstable. The winds of war, fate, and dissension are increasing in velocity and duration. The tree is about to fall.

We are nearing the inflection point. We are collectively waiting for the final event to fell the tree—the death of an unknown Archduke, a Pearl Harbor attack, or a Watergate break-in. The tree of history is again teetering. We know it is about to fall. Those who have attached their entire being to belief in its structure will continue to fight to the end to maintain the collection of lies. But the structure is brittle. The old tree is inherently weak. No one can really increase its strength over time. Promoters can only attempt to buttress it with bravado, ridicule, and bluster. In the end, it will fall.

Traditionally, at this moment, the creators of history, decide to fell the tree. They will knock it down rather than have it collapse uncontrolled. They will create war or economic depression, or some other massive grief. They will blame its collapse on somebody or something. They will never admit that they were the creators of the corrupt growth. They will excitedly plant new trees. The old lies will disappear into the dust and rot, and new events and new lies will begin. The people, now broken and disoriented, unsettled in this new unstructured reality, will wholeheartedly become eager and terrified foresters, as they did after the World Wars; after the public murders of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy; after the bloodshed in Vietnam and Cambodia; after Nixon’s fall; and after the destruction of the Twin Towers. They will grow a new history tree as directed by those in control, and its shady branches may comfort them and their children…for a while.