One, two, three…push!

Dog pooping in the snowTensions are rising as we near the finalization of the 2016 Presidential Election. The Trump Train races on and soon the end of the tunnel will be evident. And when everyone is on the same page, people can relax and let the system slowly digest the bitter fruit of 105 years of lies and manipulation. This coming period will not be pretty and the digestion process may be disgusting, but like a good bowel movement, ultimately it will be satisfying.

I’m making a contribution to the cause of revelation and reconciliation by offering my novel Saving Trump gratis. Please take advantage of this opportunity. I hope you enjoy the book. While writing, I never knew how historical reality would congeal, but I made my best guesses and completed the book in November 2017. You can follow the process of the book and history at and

Get the novel here (no charge; free for the taking). Enjoy. Tell your friends. And let’s all move on. No matter what, America remains the “go-to” place on Planet Earth. New-Jump-1e1c-sm