What’s Behind the Door?


Every hour, day, week, month, and year that we experience and every place we visit, opens the door to the unknown…to the future. The future is an assumption based on our mortality. The experience of the future is a probability based on the past. We are taking a chance when we open any door to any place or time. We never really know what lays ahead.

The present, if narrowly defined, is a fleeting experience which cannot be defined, explained, or contemplated.

The past offers some hope for certainty. But the truth of the past depends solely on the agenda of the storyteller and his access to factual information. Therefore, any retelling of past events, is only an approximation, an interpretation, a summation, or categorization. It is not the truth.  The door to historical “truth” swings on the squeaky hinges of storyteller bias and the quality of the event documentation.

This year, doors opening across the world may present a surprising and shocking future not anticipated based on the purported events of the past. Strap it down and cinch it up!