History is a Fallen Tree


History is the foundation of our understanding of reality. It creates a context for all current and future events. Reality feels comfortable when today’s activities dovetail tightly into our belief in the veracity and continuity of past events. Thus, new events appear to grow like leaves on the branches of the current paradigm. But this is a deception. History is just a diseased collection of stories, opinions, and lies—all subject to distorted shaping by those who are empowered to write history books.  The tree of history is an unreliable, defective and unstable organism.

History is an aging tree which weakens as it gets larger, older, and more vulnerable. It grew from sturdy facts. Something happened which could be verified—a ship went down, a military base was attacked, a political figure died. People saw something happen and it appeared real. The viewers may even have created a hard-copy of the event. But the tree of history is an unnatural assemblage of carefully connected lies, coloration, distortions, delays and half-truths presented by the leaders of society.

The tree’s trunk is rooted in the gravity of the situations. People have a need to believe in its sturdiness. At one time, people believed the power of a king was absolute. The integrity of political leaders was unquestionable. The decisions of religious leaders were infallible. The events presented by the mainstream media were unassailable. But time has weakened these certainties, and the history tree is now unstable. The winds of war, fate, and dissension are increasing in velocity and duration. The tree is about to fall.

We are nearing the inflection point. We are collectively waiting for the final event to fell the tree—the death of an unknown Archduke, a Pearl Harbor attack, or a Watergate break-in. The tree of history is again teetering. We know it is about to fall. Those who have attached their entire being to belief in its structure will continue to fight to the end to maintain the collection of lies. But the structure is brittle. The old tree is inherently weak. No one can really increase its strength over time. Promoters can only attempt to buttress it with bravado, ridicule, and bluster. In the end, it will fall.

Traditionally, at this moment, the creators of history, decide to fell the tree. They will knock it down rather than have it collapse uncontrolled. They will create war or economic depression, or some other massive grief. They will blame its collapse on somebody or something. They will never admit that they were the creators of the corrupt growth. They will excitedly plant new trees. The old lies will disappear into the dust and rot, and new events and new lies will begin. The people, now broken and disoriented, unsettled in this new unstructured reality, will wholeheartedly become eager and terrified foresters, as they did after the World Wars; after the public murders of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy; after the bloodshed in Vietnam and Cambodia; after Nixon’s fall; and after the destruction of the Twin Towers. They will grow a new history tree as directed by those in control, and its shady branches may comfort them and their children…for a while.